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  • Name: YANMAR
Tel: +86 593 6309773
E-mail: sales@longkaipower.com

Longkai-Y series selects the Yanmar engine. Original imported from Janpan.

Engine Features:

Yanmar Group was established in the year of 1912, who manufactured the first small diesel engine in the world. Yanmar engine was well known for its high quality. He became the high-end product in the market. The production capacity of Yanmar factory in Japan and its degree of automation is the world-class. Yanmar always insist on the concept of becoming the environmental friendly products manufacturer from the day when he was established. He has realized the aim of manufacturing a series of environmental engines for the world.

GENSET MODEL Specifications 50 HZ 400-230V   General specifications
ESP PRP Engine type  Consumption  100%  Gov Spec
LG7Y 10/8 9/7 3TNV 76-GGE 2.41 Electrical
LG8Y 11/9 10/8 3TNV 82A-GGE 2.74 Electrical
LG10Y 14/11 12/10 3TNV 88-GGE 3.28 Electrical   
LG14Y 20/15 18/14 4TNV 88-GGE 4.3 Electrical   
LG16Y 22/18 20/16 4TNV 84T-GGE 4.99 Electrical
LG28Y 39/31 35/28 4TNV 98-GGE 7.8 Electrical
LG32Y 44/35 40/32 4TNV 98T-GGE 9.31 Electrical
LG34Y 47/37 42/34 4TNV 98T-GGE 9.31 Electrical
LG40Y 55/44 50/40 4TNV 106-GGE 10.66 Electrical
LG48Y 66/53 60/48 4TNV 106T-GGE 13.05 Electrical
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