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Quality, safety and Care
Longkai V-series is compelling for its quality and environmental consciousness as it is highly efficient and achieving EURO II or EURO III emission standards

LG - V series engine has the outstanding advantages:

1. The inline cylinder, water cooled, four stroke, closed circulating water cooling, four valves per cylinder, exhaust turbo, inter cooling, direct fuel injection, with reliable operation and the advantages of high power output with small body size.

2. Engine design make the installation simple, fast and very economic, after a good balance to make it run smoothly with no vibration, and low noise, the engine design overhaul period of more than 25000 hours for the first time.

3. The engine piston-cooling system design make the cylinder and combustion chamber in a controlled working temperature, the wet cylinder liner replacement, with fire shoulder, can make the cylinder head resistance to high temperature. Cast iron cylinder block optimizing the distribution of power, no excess weight, the whole machine in particular. Nitrogen, carbon treatment of the crankshaft and drive gear for overload operation, seven bearing on the crankshaft to reduce the load of main bearing.

4. Advanced high technology of fuel injection and low flow resistance of air intake system, make the combustion sufficient, low fuel consumption, greatly reduce the emissions, reached Europe II and III environmental standards, at the same time, greatly reduces the power loss plateau region, at an altitude of 5000 meters power reduction only by 16%. High intelligent engine management system (EDCIII and EMS2) to optimize the engine performance, better make the engine more fuel-efficient (an average of 198 g/KWH), with the same machine CAN be selectively operation in the function of the 50 hz or 60 hz, provide advanced fault diagnosis and tracking function, better protection, at the same time provides a standard CAN SAE J1939 communication interface.

GENSET MODEL Specifications 50 HZ 400-230V   General specifications
ESP PRP Engine type  Consumption  100%  Gov Spec
LG68VI 94/75 85/68 TD 530-GE 18.11 Electrical   
LG80VI 110/88 100/80 TAD 531-GE 20.80 Electrical   
LG104VI 143/114 130/104 TAD 532-GE 27.82 Electrical
LG120VI 165/132 150/120 TAD 731-GE 32.25 Mechanical
LG150VI 206/165 188/150 TAD 732-GE 38.34 Mechanical
LG160VI 220/176 200/160 TAD 733-GE 43.20 Mechanical
LG200VI 275/220 250/200 TAD 734-GE 48.00 EMS2
LG260VI 357/286 325/260 TAD 1341-GE 65.65 EMS2
LG280VI 385/308 350/280 TAD 1342-GE 62.55 EMS2
LG300VI 415/330 375/300 TAD 1343-GE 67.37 EMS2
LG320VI 440/352 400/320 TAD 1344-GE 72.61 EMS2
LG400VI 550/440 500/400 TAD 1641-GE 99.50 EMS2
LG470VI 646/517 588/470 TAD 1642-GE 115.00 EMS2
LG505VI 700/555 730/504 TAD 1643-GE 125.37 EMS2
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