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Longkai Power focused on two types of silent canopy.

1. Atlas Copco Enclosed Type

Longkai Atlas Copco Enclosed Type

Choose of material and canopy structure is the key to lower and noise.

More silent
●Composite impedance type silencer
●Thickened door assembly for option

Rainproof & Rustproof 
●Rainproof strip on top of control box 
●Chassis with reverse design 
●Sealing strip in every joint 
●304 stainless bolts, lock and hinge 

More convenient
●Eye lifting hooks on the top
●Chassis with lifting plate
●Rotary water cover
●External oil drain and water drain

●Control panel with push through wire groove 
●Oil line and control box are connected by terminal type 
●CHNT brand circuit breaker 
●Reserved ATS port 

●All cables are protected by bellows
●Advanced insulating glass fiber cotton for exhaust pipe 
●Integrated oil return pipe with electronic oil level sensor function, Oil suction pipe with strainer


2. Denyo Enclosed Type  

Longkai Denyo Enclosed Type Gensets  
More Silent, More Powerful,   
More Humanized, More Cost Effective


●All stainless bolts   
●High-strength bolts    
●Eye lifting hooks on the top
●Forklift slot on the base
●Sealing strip in every joint, rainproof
●Each bolt equipped with waterproof  pad
●Qualited shock absorber pad
●Bigger muffler, more silent 
●Bigger water filler 

All series of soundproof generator sets can be lifted from eye lifting hooks on the top         
Better painting job, tough paint suitable for all weather conditions and avoids rusting for long period of time         
More compact and strength structure, muffle built-in lower noise level.         
No traditional bottom air intake design; avoid dusts and other impurities inhalation. Enlarged the area of air intake and discharge         
Separated output cable box, easy for cable connections Adapt to all weather condition 

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