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Auto Transfer System(ATS)

ATS-LK series automatic loading transfer panel is the standard configure of emergent power system. The panel detects the voltage and frequency of civil electricity timely.
While there is something wrong, such as high voltage, low voltage, phase missing, electricity cutting off, etc., it will signal to start the generator set automatically



The key technique of ATS-LK panel is how to achieve the detection of the civil electricity's state (the control gauge), how to control the switch from the generating electricity to civil electricity (the witch). LONGKAI ATS-LK panel has advantages as follows:

1.The switch of civil electricity & generating electricity: Adopts SKT1 series switch of AISIKAI, which is made in Jiangsu. AISIKAI is founded in 2007, who has done its endeavor to manufacture, research and develop to quality low voltage electric switch. The enterprise has passed through authentication of ISO 9001 quality management system, CCC(China Compulsory Certification) and CE(Community European) for all its products. A number of patented technologies have been obtained. Our products are not only recognized by domestic customers but also believed by foreign customers and the trade mark has been registered in the trade department of China State Industry & Commerce Administration Bureau.

2.The control gauge adopts Intelligent 2-batteries with automatic switch as its main controller, this control panel provide friendly interface to the user, own functions of automatic switch and manual control, making it convenient for operating and setting of parameter.

The controller surveys the voltage and frequency of the 2-circuit, 3-phase power timely (alarm scope can be set), owns several kinds of prolonged function (prolonged time is adjustable); has function as signal output of diesel machine starting, can control the starting and prolonging of diesel machine timely, fault and return time of civil electricity; also it has option of "No preference", "Prime power preferred", "Standby power preferred" and so on.

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