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From the oilfield exploration to the natural gas processing and construction, operation and maintenance of oil production facilities, LONGKAI has a mature power plan. Although the oilfield is powered by the grid, the supply can not be guaranteed. The outage is often due to the season, bad weather, line fault and other causes. Therefore, diesel generator sets usually becomes necessary equipment and are primarily used to provide electric power for life, engineering and equipment transformation, which are common units.

Advantages of Product

Targeted complete products, data and programs meeting the use requirements;
Control system with AMF function can achieve automatic startup and shutdown;
ATS can be selected to achieve intelligent switching of unit / mains;
Stable performance and unit MTBF not less than 1000 hours;
The specific devices can be selected to achieve operating needs of high cold and high temperature regions;
The design and development can be made according to special customer demands;